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Right to Repair

Are you tired of being told that you have to replace your iPhone or MacBook every time it breaks down or is supposedly outdated?

Do you want the freedom to repair your own devices or have them repaired by an independent repair shop so you can keep using them? 


What is The Right to Repair?

The Right to Repair is the concept that we as consumers should have the ability to repair, modify, or alter the technology we supposedly own. It is an important issue because many manufacturers make it difficult or impossible for consumers to repair their devices by restricting access to parts, tools, and information or designing the device to be unrepairable to begin with. This not only limits consumer choice but also harms the environment by contributing to electronic waste. It's about taking back our freedoms from the companies who have monopolized almost every aspect of our lives.

History of FiXCO & Right to Repair

In October 2017, Mitch (Owner of FiXCO) asked his Legislative Representative Jeff Morris to meet for coffee so he could pitch him on Right to Repair. After a 45 minute conversation, Jeff agreed to introduce Washington States first Right to Repair bill and had it back to Mitch in a month. It was introduced into committee for the first time in early 2018. It was the first committee to pass it in the nation. That meeting lit the match in the back yard of the tech industry.  After many years of hard work from a small Army of people around the country, we're finally moving mountains!

You might be thinking, "But why should I care? Can't I just buy a new device?"

While buying a new device might be an option for some, it's not always financially feasible. Additionally, repairing devices can be more sustainable and environmentally friendly than constantly replacing them. We dig the resources out of the ground to make these devices. Most of these devices are used for less than half of their potential lifespan. Then they end up on top of the ground. Billions and Billions of devices around the World.

Right to Repair is one of the few issues that has major bipartisan support

There aren't many issues these days that unite Democratic, Republican and Independent voters. The people who require these services reside on all levels of class, political, gender, ethnic and professional spectrum's. This issue directly affects all of us. Most of us rely on these devices to work properly just to navigate current day life. It’s not just electronics that have become harder to repair. So have appliances, cars, tractors, mountain bikes, home gadgets, etc. The examples are endless. Monopolized control of repairs. Planned Obsolescence .

How can we support our Right to Repair?

One way is to support legislation that promotes it. Some states have already passed laws that protect the Right to Repair, but there is still work to be done at the national level. You can contact your representatives and let them know that you support the Right to Repair and want them to take action to protect it.

You can also support organizations that are working to promote the Right to Repair. These organizations lobby for legislation that protects the Right to Repair and provide resources to consumers and repair technicians. By supporting these organizations, you can help raise awareness of the issue and push for change. Awareness Is The Key.

The Repair Association

US Public Interest Research Group


Electronic Frontier Foundation

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Finally, you can also Take Action in your own life.

Repair your devices when possible, and encourage others to do the same. Spread Awareness of the issue and encourage others to support The Right to Repair. Together, we can Fight for a Future where consumers have the Freedom to repair their own devices and make Sustainable choices. Awareness Is The Key!

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